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Committed to Safe & Humane Animal Removal Methods

Critter Control of Boulder adheres to the same traditional values our founder, Kevin Clark, initially established in 1983, and that is to provide safe, effective, and humane animal removal methods. Since the beginning, our company has always believed that there is a better way to protecting the safety and health of homeowners while remaining compassionate to the animals who have unknowingly strayed in these human settlements. Today, with a growing number of locations across North America, we continue to work with a professional team of biologists, zoologists, animal control officers, anti-cruelty personnel and more to ensure that our services are both effective and humane.

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We Proudly Serve Boulder & Fort Collins, CO

As a part of the leading wildlife control company in the country, Critter Control of Boulder is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction to countless residents in our community as well as in Fort Collins and other surrounding areas. We strive to ensure your health and safety through our wide range of reliable animal removal services while remaining cruelty-free. With our proven track record of safe, effective, and humane methods, we have become a trusted name by respectable associations, local businesses, and residents alike.

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From the moment you call us, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Aside from our eco-friendly animal removal methods, we also implement permanent solutions to prevent future animal intrusions.

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