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Types of Animals We Remove from Boulder & Fort Collins Homes

Do You Have a Critter Problem? We Can Help!

If you have been hearing scratching or squeaking noises inside your walls or seeing unusual animal droppings around your property, your home may be harboring some unwanted animals. At Critter Control of Boulder, we provide safe, effective, and humane solutions in removing any type of animals from your home. All of our technicians are certified wildlife specialists so you can rest assured that our methods are cruelty-free.

We are prepared to handle the following critters:

Our Boulder critter control experts have the skills and equipment to safely remove any one of the aforementioned animals from your home while implementing lasting solutions to prevent future wildlife intrusions.

Giving You Peace of Mind in Your Own Home

Our team understands that the discovery of wildlife in your own home can cause worry or even downright panic. We recognize your need for a quick and effective solution for your peace of mind. As the leading animal removal company in the country, we want to assure you that we perform a detailed and thorough inspection of your property to efficiently locate each and every animal that have intruded your home. You can trust that all our methods are cruelty-free and eco-friendly not just for you and your family’s safety, but for the strayed animals’ welfare as well. Our Boulder critter control experts can also perform follow-up management and treatment services to ensure that your home remains wildlife-free and you, worry-free.

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