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While bats aren't necessarily the spooky creatures that myths tell of, they can carry rabies and transmit diseases to humans. They are also known to host parasites that can infest your homes and their droppings carry a fungus that can pose serious health risks. If you suspect that your property has been invaded by a colony of bats, call Critter Control of Boulder for a safe, effective and humane solution to your bat infestation problem.

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Do You Have Bats Hanging in Your Home? We Can Help!

Bats are quiet, nocturnal creatures that seek dark places, such as your attic, chimney or basement for shelter or breeding. It may be difficult to determine if bats have entered your home when they are low in population since they are usually asleep during the day. However, you can look out for some warning signs to confirm if you have a bat infestation problem.

These indications include:

  • Noises around the property during dusk and dawn
  • Guano or droppings that contain shiny flecks from insect wings
  • Milky white streaks or stains on window and other grease markings
  • Strong, lingering urine odors and stains

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At the first sign of a bat infestation, make sure that you contact Critter Control of Boulder. We have the skills and experience to safely and effectively remove any number of bats from your property. For years, we have proudly served countless residents and local businesses in the community, as well as in Fort Collins, and other surrounding areas.

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Importance of Bat Infestation Control

Whether you know for sure that bats have intruded your home or you are still confirming their presence, our Boulder critter control experts can help.

Bat infestation control is important for the following reasons:

  • Bats carry rabies that can be transmitted to humans
  • Guano or bat droppings contain fungus that poses serious health risks
  • Bats host various parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites
  • Bat urine emits a strong odor that can linger in your property

With Critter Control, you can rest assured that our methods are cruelty-free and eco-friendly not only for you and your family’s safety but for the animals’ welfare as well.

We also offer a permanent solution that can ensure that your property is free from future animal intrusions! Call (720) 943-7790 to learn more!