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Raccoons are extremely adaptable creatures that are usually found in urban and suburban areas in search for food and shelter. They are highly intelligent and can even open doors, bottles or jars. Raccoons are known to wreak havoc in your yard or garden by tipping over garbage cans and chomping through any type of food they may find. If you are tired of constantly cleaning after the mess of your unwanted guests, get professional help from our team at Critter Control of Boulder. We offer an efficient raccoon removal service that is humane and eco-friendly as well.

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Raccoons are curious and mischievous creatures that are known to venture into human settlements in search of food and shelter. They usually make their way into your attic, chimney, porch or barn and help themselves by rummaging through your garbage cans or chomping on your garden. It is important to get rid of these critters as soon as you spot them in your property due to the damage and other risks that they pose.

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Below are some of the dangers of harboring a raccoon in your property:

  • Raccoons carry rabies and other diseases that can easily be transmitted to you and your family
  • Raccoons host mites, ticks, and fleas that can cause an infestation in your home
  • Raccoons create a mess in your yard or garden that can invite other animals to your property
  • Raccoons can attack you with their sharp claws when threatened

At Critter Control of Boulder, we have the skills and experience to efficiently remove any number of raccoons in your property. Our team of professional wildlife specialists provides safe, efficient, and humane methods in getting rid of these intruders.

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When you contact our Boulder critter control experts for your raccoon problem, not only do we quickly and efficiently remove the animals from your home, we also implement solutions that can ensure that these raccoons and other wildlife stay clear of your property for a long time. We also offer a complete clean-up and decontamination service to rid your home of any parasites and diseases that were left by your unwanted guests.

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