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While most of the animals that intrude your property are relatively small, the damages that they can cause to your property can be extensive. Common pests, such as mice, rats, and squirrels have sharp teeth and claws that can gnaw through your walls, floorboards, and even the foundation of your home. They chew on everything including your electrical wirings that puts you and your family at risk of fire hazards. At Critter Control of Boulder, our services go beyond animal control or removal. We also provide services to help restore your property into its pre-infestation state.

Our residential animal damage control services include:

  • Animal-caused damage repair
  • Attic clean-up and restoration
  • Dead animal removal
  • Animal fecal matter removal
  • Residential insulation replacement
  • Preventative measure implementation

We have the skills and equipment to repair any damage that was caused by your unwanted guests in a quick and efficient manner. Our team is committed to making sure that your property is free from damages, hazards, and future animal intrusions.

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Restoration & Maintenance Solutions

As the leading animal control company, our services are not just limited to removing pests from your home. We take the time to implement preventive measures that can ensure that these animals and other pests never return. Our team can also help you in repairing the damages that were caused by these intruders.

When you call on our Boulder animal control specialists, you get:

  • Fully licensed and trained technicians
  • Prompt response and convenient appointment times
  • Safe, efficient, and eco-friendly practices
  • Detailed home inspections
  • Lifetime warranty on all services

At Critter Control, our goal is to ensure that you and your family feel safe and comfortable in your own home even long after your initial animal removal service.

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