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When an animal or a wild creature takes up residence on your property, it is normal to feel frightened, alarmed, and even disgusted. Critter Control of Boulder knows that it can be tempting to resolve your animal intrusion problem immediately by yourself. However, this kind of action can be dangerous not just for you and your family, but for the animal as well.

For years, we have been encouraging homeowners and business owners alike to let a professional handle their animal infestation problem for safe, effective, and humane methods in wildlife removal. We believe that these animals mean no harm when they decided to enter your property and there is definitely a better way to get rid of these animals without harming them.


With our team of certified wildlife specialists, you can trust that our services include:

  • Non-lethal removal methods
  • No-trap devices
  • Release on-site practices
  • One-way door cages

As the leading animal control company in the country, we take the humane and ethical treatment of animals to heart. Our team is dedicated to providing services that adhere to CritterSafe IPM Practices for the benefit of both property owners and stray animals across Boulder, Fort Collins and other surrounding areas.

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Whether you are dealing with a full-blown infestation or still confirming the presence of stray animals in your property, we can help. Our Boulder critter control experts can perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate and identify your animal intrusion problem. We can them handle the removal of the animal quickly, efficiently, and humanely while implementing preventive measures to ensure that no other critter can wander into your property.

Schedule a service at (720) 943-7790 and experience our safe, effective, and human methods!