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Insects as Sign of Animals

Notice Any Mites, Fleas or Ticks? Call Critter Control of Boulder!

The presence of mites, fleas, or ticks may not be easily noticeable until you are already covered with red, itchy, and sometimes even painful bites. If you do not have any pets and you notice these small insects thriving in your home, this may be an indication that there is another animal living in your property. At Critter Control, we can perform a detailed inspection of your property to identify the source of these parasites and determine if a larger animal is involved. For years, we have made a name for our animal control services that benefit both homeowners and strayed animals throughout Boulder, Fort Collins, and other surrounding areas.

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SpiderDealing with a Bigger Problem

Mites, fleas, and ticks are parasitic insects that do not crawl on their own just to enter your property. Their presence is often an indication that a larger animal has brought them into your home.

Below are some of the animals that can host these parasites:

As soon as you notice these parasites, you may want to observe as well if there are any kind of animal droppings around your property or if there are squeaking and scratching noises inside your walls, ceilings, or attic. We also encourage you to call our Boulder critter control experts to confirm if these small insects are brought in by another animal. Our team of certified wildlife specialists can remove these stray animals safely, effectively, and humanely while implementing other management and treatment services that can eradicate these parasites as well.

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